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STEM Education & How Is It Important For Grade 12 Students?

Preparation Tips
stem education and its importance
STEM in education is curriculum-based teaching that works on four specific principles: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These four disciplines are taught in an interdisciplinary manner rather than as discrete subjects. Integrating various concepts taught as different subjects helps increase the student’s interest in the matter, pushing them to pursue…

How to Prepare Effectively for Grade 12 Exams

Preparation Tips
Prepare Effectively for Grade 12 Exams
Depending on what you want to do with your life, your grade 12 exam outcome can be life-changing. Ace this exam, and you can set out on a path to excellence. The Examination Council of Zambia conducts the grade 12 examination every year. Over 150,000 students passed the Grade 12…

Follow The Best Strategy To Prepare And Pass WAEC Examination 2021

Preparation Tips
Prepare And Pass WAEC Examination 2021
WAEC examination is a national exam administered by West Africa Senior Secondary School Examinations (WASSCE). West African students are eligible to appear in the examination. Only Nigerian students can take the National Examination Council (NECO). Students enrolled in senior secondary school must pass either the WAEC or NECO exam. Admission to…




Project Example 1 – Magazine


Project Example 1 – Square Book


Project Example 1 – Notebook


Project Example 1 – Paper Pouch


Project Example 1 – Cards


Project Example 2 – Business


Project Example 3 – Nature


Project Example 4 – Vimeo



My name is Justin Kunda, Mukuba Boys secondary school and am here to give a testimony on how this platform has helped me. Ever since I came across Texila Academy I have improved a lot in chemistry especially English Where I was facing difficulties, this platform has also helped me in terms of revisions. What I can encourage other learners is that Texila Academy can benefit you a lot in revising especially those sitting for exams.

Justin Kunda

My name is Desmol Sinyangwe,I am impressed on how Texila Academy prepares the learners before they write their final exams, they prepare standard questions during topic revision time and final revisions time.

I am grateful for the Teacher’s ability to support and prepare learners in various subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, English, and Biology.

I am very satisfied with the platform’s overall focus on the mentioned subjects above. The platform’s educational programs matched with what I wanted, and I sincerely appreciate your help and your support for bringing this platform for us

Desmol Sinyangwe

Grade 12 Student, Chibefwe Secondary School

Texila Academy is a platform which is free for all examination classes.

This platform helps us to know how questions comes during exam , it also helps us to revise topics , it prepares us for upcoming exams. It helps us to fully understand some topics which we did not understand during class lessons and it also helps us to meet many questions and how they are phrased and how to answer questions and this platform covers all topics, gives guidance to all exam classes.

Patrick Maini

Grade 12 student, Chambishi Secondary School

The platform has been helping me in my daily studies in the following ways

1) I use quizzes to test myself on how progressive I am and how much behind I am and so when I get the results I work extra hard so that next time I’ll not be on the same level.
2) it helps me to know more on a specific topic and also to know how exam questions are phrased.
3) it helps me to work harder and study harder so that I don’t keep on failing the quiz.

It can benefit those who are in exam classes in knowing how exam questions are phrased and also you’d feel like you’re already writing the exam and by that feeling you’d study harder so that you pass the Texila exams and in return even ECZ exams you’d do the same thing. And so Texila Academy platform can help those who are in exam classes to know how questions are phrased and know more on a topic.

Rodgers Malambo