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Five Tips To Score High Marks in ECZ Grade 12 Exams

Grade 12 Exams
5 Tips to Score High in Ecz Grade 12 Exams
Introduction The Grade 12 examination conducted by the ECZ (Examination Council of Zambia) requires good knowledge of the language, science (physics, chemistry and biology) and maths to score high marks. Reading, writing and calculating are the basic skills needed for examinations. As we all know, performing well in Grade 12…

Tips and Tricks To Score High At ECZ Grade 12 English Exam

Grade 12 Exams
Tips and Tricks for ECZ 12 English Examination
English skills are important for communication, especially at a global level. A foremost competency one needs to enjoy a competitive edge in the global labor market is knowledge of English. The English language is widely recognized in the primary school system in Zambia, the foundation of formal education. In Zambia,…

Tips for Writing Grade 12 Mathematics Exam in Zambia

Grade 12 Exams
Grade 12 Mathematics Exam in Zambia
Mathematics is a crucial subject in school education. In Zambia, like in other countries of the world, a good score in mathematics will give you advantages. It is considered a great asset for joining engineering degree programs. If you plan to take up a job, a good grade 12 mathematics…

ECZ Grade 12 Examination: Stop Being Scared

Grade 12 Exams
ECZ Grade 12 Examination
The Grade 12 examination in Zambia is conducted by the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ), and so better known as the ECZ examination for three grades – namely 7, 9, and 12 – every year.          To come out with flying colors, all exams need thorough preparation, so is the ECZ…

How to score good marks in Grade 12 Exams?

Grade 12 Exams
Grade 12 Examination Preparation
Usually, senior secondary students about to appear for the ECZ grade 12 examination feel pretty nervous as the exam date is around the corner. It’s justifiable as it defines their later stages of education and opens a window of opportunities to pursue their dream career. Those who prepare well and…

STEM Education & How Is It Important For Grade 12 Students?

stem education and its importance
STEM in education is curriculum-based teaching that works on four specific principles: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These four disciplines are taught in an interdisciplinary manner rather than as discrete subjects. Integrating various concepts taught as different subjects helps increase the student’s interest in the matter, pushing them to pursue…




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