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In a dynamic world, where our education system tries to keep pace with a rapidly changing global society, our children need to be equipped with the skills and tools to survive in this technological era. At Texila academy, we seek to make it a little easier for the dreams of the future to become a reality Today!

This platform offers smart, quick and reliable means to revise and get ready for those attempting to sit for ECZ final examinations in Grade 12.

Our success has been the quality of our tutors. We invest a lot of time in assessing teachers before they start preparing the Multiple-Choice Questionnaire’s. All our teachers have a minimum of 5 years of experience working in the common core Zambian curriculum system

Our goal is to increase the scores of every student that subscribe to our program, allowing them greater opportunities in the job market and increase their educational value.

We will continue to create a large reservoir of practice questions from STEM subjects, giving students an opportunity to test themselves reduce their anxiety during exams and approach the examination process with confidence.

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