Full Revision

Number of Attempts Cost Attempt Validity
2 K50 2 Months
5 K118.75 4 Months
8 K184 8 Months
10 K227.50 12 Months
15 K337.50 12 Months
20 K440 12 Months

Topic Wise Revision

Subscription Model Cost
Subscription Package 1 Subject Upto 2 Subjects Upto 3 Subjects Upto 4 Subjects Upto 5 Subjects All Subjects
Monthly K50 K75 K100 K125 K150 K175
*Quarterly K48 K71 K95 K119 K143 K166
*Half Yearly K45 K68 K90 K113 K135 K158
*Annual K43 K64 K85 K106 K128 K149

Students Choosing Quarterly, Half yearly and Annual Packages will avail following discounts:
Quarterly – 5%
Half Yearly – 10%
Annual – 15%

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